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Who is Sinatra DeVine?
Sinatra-DeVine is an Albuquerque based production company that was created by Fontana DeVine (PJ Sedillo), Lana Taylor-Sinatra (Dino Leyba) and Tony Ross.  Janet Espinosa and Gwen Cannova-Kinzie has become part of this important community organization by taking a board position. Christy-Carbon Gaul also serves on the board and as legal council. The organization has assisted many New Mexicans with various financial needs.

What is Sinatra DeVine?
Sinatra-DeVine Productions is a recognized non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation with the IRS and registered as a Non Profit Corporation with the NM Public Regulation Commission.

What is the purpose of Sinatra DeVine?
The purpose of Sinatra-DeVine Productions, Inc. is to raise money to improve the quality of life for others through monetary donations.  Educating the greater community about positive GLBTQ issues is key to the organization’s philosophy.

What makes Sinatra-DeVine different?
Sinatra-DeVine Productions has no interest in “for profit” fundraising.  Rather, Sinatra DeVine incorporates a variety of local talent including drag queens “female illusionists”, drag kings “male illusionists” from other organizations to raise money to be donated to other 501 (c) 3 organizations.  Funding has been raised for The AIDS Emergency Fund, Albuquerque Pride, and Breast Cancer Awareness Programs.   Neither show organizers nor performers are paid for their services.  Since the inception of Sinatra-DeVine, the organization has raised funds that have been distributed.

Who makes up the board of directors of Sinatra-DeVine?
Currently, PJ Sedillo serves as President, Janet Espinosa serves as Vice-President, and Tony Ross serves as Secretary/Treasurer.Gwen Cannova-Kinzie is member at large  

Is Sinatra-DeVine Incorporated?
Sinatra-DeVine became incorporated in August 2002 and is registered with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission in Santa Fe.   Sinatra-DeVine has also been granted a 501 (c) 3 tax status by the Internal Revenue Service as of February 3, 2003.    Cristy Carbon-Gaul provides legal council services, accountant services provided by Fidel Perner & Michnovicz.

What is “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are?”
Come Out also known as "COCO" is a variety show made up of singers, dancers, and a broad range of entertainers primarily “drag queens” who donate their performances in support of local charities.   The Come Out Show has been held in October each year since October 1998 in observance of National Coming Out Day.